Michael Wiles – The Power of Literature

Michael Wiles has been in the acting profession for many years. He studied at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in Riverside County, California as a young person, and he moved on to tackle his undergraduate studies at Cornish College. This is a Seattle based institution, and he was there from 1993 until 1997. He left with a BFA in Acting, and in 1999, he moved to San Francisco, where he enjoyed a series of successes working for many different theater companies.

Michael Wiles

In his spare time, Michael Wiles enjoys reading. This can be enriching activities for anyone, but it is particularly important for an actor. When you absorb the stories that are told in great novels and plays, you gain an understanding of many different character types. Subsequently, you can bring this knowledge with you when you land acting roles. Though he has read books by many different authors, Shakespeare is one of his biggest influences. In fact, he has put his knowledge of Shakespeare to good use. He has worked with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, and he also spent some time with the California Shakespeare Theater.

As you might imagine, he also enjoys movies and certain television shows. When you watch dramatizations with a trained eye, you recognize the writing behind the film or episode. The writing can oftentimes be the most impressive part of the work that is being presented. Michael Wiles has a strong appreciation for the written word, and this has served him well throughout his professional career.


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Michael Wiles – Insight and Experience

Michael Wiles is in a highly creative field of endeavor. This individual has been a professional actor for more than 15 years, and he is a long-standing member of the Actor’s Equity Association. When laypeople look at acting performances, they sometimes harbor misconceptions. It can seem as though acting is simply a matter of natural talent. There are those who are impressed, and they can be complementary, but they say things like “I wish I had your talent.” This can also apply to musicians. In addition to his skill as an actor, he is a piano player and a trombonist, and he has worked professionally as a musical director for a number of different theater companies.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles

Without question, there are people with a great deal of talent in the acting field, and there are naturally talented musicians as well. At the same time, it takes education and hard work to reach your potential, even if you are inherently talented. Michael Wiles recognized that he wanted to get into the creative arts when he was a young person. He knew that education would be very important, so he left his home town of Helena, Montana to go to the mountains above Palm Springs, California to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy. After that, he went to Seattle, Washington to obtain a degree in acting at Cornish College.

Throughout his professional career he has worked with many different theater companies, and he shares his knowledge and insight with others who work around him. Michael Wiles has worked as a casting director and a musical director, so he applies his experience to help create complete theatric experiences.

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Michael Wiles – The Complete Person

Michael Wiles is well known as an actor and a musical director, and he has been able to establish a very sound resume over the years. He has been a member of the Actor’s Equity Association for well over a decade, and he has worked for many different theater companies. These would include the Contra Costa Civic Theater, the Berkeley Repertory Theater, the Pacific Alliance Stage Company, and the American Musical Theater. These professional responsibilities have certainly kept him occupied much of the time, but he has interests outside of his work that help make him a complete person.

Michael WilesHe was born in 1975, and he grew up in Helena Montana, so he has a thorough understanding of the “Big Sky Country” culture. However, Michael Wiles has never been afraid to experience new things, and he enjoys traveling. After high school, he moved to California to further his education, and he went on to Seattle to get his bachelor’s degree at Cornish College. After that, he moved to San Francisco, and he is currently a resident of Sacramento. In his spare time, he continues to seek personal enrichment through travel.

Cooking is another one of his interests, and it can be a lot of fun to apply your creativity in the kitchen. Physical fitness is also important to him. He enjoys weightlifting, and he is a baseball enthusiast. Michael Wiles enjoys a wide range of interests as he tries to strike the ideal work/life balance.

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Michael Wiles – Common Mistakes When Learning How To Play an Instrument

Michael Wiles is a talented musician who is able to play both the piano and trombone. Learning to play an instrument is an ambition that many people have, though relatively few actually achieve the goal. This is often due to the mistakes they make while learning, of which the below are amongst the most common.

Michael Wiles

Lacking Patience

Only the most spectacular prodigies can pick up instruments and get to grips with them quickly. Most will need to spend time learning the basics and developing the muscle memory needed to play. Be patient and understand that your early work is creating a foundation.

Ignoring Theory

While you may have some natural talent for the instrument, it is important that you take a little bit of time to learn musical theory as well. Learn to recognize notes and chords on sheet music so you can quickly identify how pieces need to be played.

Not Practicing

Michael Wiles has spent years working on his musical abilities. Practice is crucial when learning how to play an instrument, so try to schedule some time into each day to hone your skills. Even a few minutes of practicing your fingering is better than doing nothing at all.


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Michael Wiles – How To Impress Casting Directors

Michael Wiles is a casting director for a theatre company who regular presides over auditions. Many actors struggle to find that certain something that attracts the attention of casting directors, so try to keep the following in mind if you want to make a great impression.

Michael Wiles

Understand The Part

Make sure that you have done your reading, understand the work that the director has been involved in before and, most importantly, figure out what is required to play the character you are auditioning for. If you turn up unprepared it is likely that the director will tune out right at the start of your audition.

Don’t Be Desperate

Acting can often wear on people, especially if they have struggled to get parts in the past. This can lead to some showing signs of desperation, which can bleed over into their performances. Remember that casting directors are just people, so you don’t need to allow anxiety and desperation take over your performances.

Expect The Unexpected

Actors should come into their auditions prepared to take on the unexpected. You may be asked to improvise or doing something you were not prepared for, so let your inhibitions go and give it your all.

Michael Wiles is an experienced casting director.

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Michael Wiles: Reasons to Be Involved in Politics

Michael Wiles is a highly dedicated professional who has been a significant contributor to the live entertainment industry for more than fifteen years. He began his career immediately following his graduation from the well-respected Cornish University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater after his completion of primary school at Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts in his home state of Montana.

His pursuit of success was driven from his keen passion for the arts. He is an accomplished Actor and Musical Director who is currently a Casting Director for a theater company.

He has a wide variety of interests including that of politics.

He has been a member of the Actors Equity Association for fifteen years.

There are many aspects involved with politics. Those who are interested in politics find their harmony with the interest in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Supporting a particular political organization (I.E., National Rifle Association, Democratic National Committee, etc.).
  • Contributing information and opinion in various forums (I.E., social networking websites, political websites, etc.).
  • Learning about the system of government and how it works.
  • Becoming informed about how one’s country is operated.
  • Discovering how one’s rights are protected and what the boundaries are.
  • Knowing where and when to acquire political news and information about current events.
  • Researching specific events or issues that are of interest to you.
  • Discussing topics or issues that may not be fully understood.

Michael Wiles has found that remaining vigilant about his interests outside of work is beneficial towards his over-all balancing of professional and personal endeavors.

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Michael Wiles: Tips and Advice for Beginning Weightlifting

Michael Wiles is an Actor and Musical Director with many years of experience in the live entertainment industry. He has been a member of the Actors Equity Association for more than fifteen years. He is the Casting Director for a theater company.

A native of Helena, Montana, he grew up involved with a variety of extra-curricular activities, including weightlifting.

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport that comprises of a variety of practices. In Olympic style weightlifting or Olympic Weightlifting, athletes must devout considerable amounts of time fine-tuning their capabilities in one of two variations of the sport; snatch and clean and jerk. Weightlifters must make best-effort attempts to excel in each, and the combined score of their performance in the snatch and clean and jerk equates to their overall score in a body-weight category.

While Olympic weightlifting is perhaps the most visible form of weightlifting in the public sphere, weightlifting is also a very popular activity amongst numerous individuals around the world. If you might be interested in learning how to start weightlifting, the below tips might be worth a glance.

1.       Start Small: Prior to beginning your journey as a weightlifter, it’s advised by Powertochange.com that newbies practice with small steps (both in actual weight as well as lengths of time lifting) before delving into more complicated and tenuous runs.

2.       Pick a Goal: It’s advised that one chooses a specific set of objectives for their weightlifting endeavors before starting their journey with the sport. By knowing whether you’re more interested in bulking up than pursuing the activity as a fitness endeavor, success will be easier to achieve.

To this day, Michael Wiles is keenly passionate about weightlifting.

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