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Choosing to bring an animal into your home is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. All members of the household should sign off on allowing a pet into their home, and at least one member should be prepared to be the caretaker of the animal. Typically, dogs and cats tend to require more time and money than fish or other caged animals. Therefore, it is important to not only get the household’s approval, but also to ensure you will have enough time and will be able to afford the pet of your choice.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles

If you choose to select a dog or cat, it may be in your best interest to choose an animal from a rescue shelter. While it may be tempting to buy the young kitten or puppy at the local pet store, some of the most loyal and loving animals come from shelters. Many cats and dogs are abandoned at shelters after their first year when their owners discover they are not able to properly take care of the animal. These, however, are still wonderful pets that just need a loving home. Perks of adopting from a shelter are that the animals should be up-to-date on all their necessary shots. Additionally, an older animal usually requires less time as they are often already potty-trained. You can also take home your pet for a bargain deal as pet stores and other places tend to charge a lot for particular breeds of both cats and dogs. Michael Wiles is a casting director in Sacramento CA, who cares deeply about the rescuing of animals.


About Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles lives in Sacramento, California and works in the theatre production industry. He has worked for many years as both an actor and a musical director until he was recently able to take the position he desires most: casting director. As a casting director, he has the opportunity to bring in talent and choose the direction of a production like never before.
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