Michael Wiles – Why You Need a Vocal Coach

There are a lot of reasons why a good vocal coach is important if you want to sing professionally. Michael Wiles, though he is a casting and music director, as well as an actor himself, is a vocal coach also. He understands what a big difference having a vocal coach can make in the quality of a singer’s voice.

Michael WilesMany singers struggle with one thing or another. For some, they don’t like the sound of their voice, even if they are hitting the right notes. Others find that they like their tone, but have a limited range. Though there are some singers who find that they have both a great tone and range, it’s possible that the way they sing is not sustainable for a long career and could be inadvertently damaging their voices permanently.

A vocal coach can help you develop a good sound, and increase your range. Vocal coaches like Michael know that the key to adept singing is being able to control your voice. Singers who have complete control over their voices are the ones that have a better chance at succeeding in a highly competitive market.

Proper breathing is also something that is key to a great singer. If you don’t know how to control the air coming in and out of your lungs at the proper rate, your abilities will be significantly hampered. Michael Wiles, in his experiences as a vocal coach, has noted that those who diligently practice and follow the recommendations of their vocal coach are more likely to develop into skilled, seasoned singers.


About Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles lives in Sacramento, California and works in the theatre production industry. He has worked for many years as both an actor and a musical director until he was recently able to take the position he desires most: casting director. As a casting director, he has the opportunity to bring in talent and choose the direction of a production like never before.
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