Michael Wiles: Tips for Actors Trying to Remember Their Lines

Michael Wiles is a committed individual who has been working hard in order to achieve success in his career field. He is currently serving as a Musical Director, Casting Director, and Actor for a major theater company in the Sacramento, California area. He is committed to his career, and to entertaining others through stage acting. He specializes in Shakespearian theater, and he has been working in the field for more than 20 years. His experience in the acting industry has made him an expert, and he has worked for a variety of theaters in numerous capacities. He understands what it takes to be successful as an actor, and what it takes to operate a performance from behind the scenes.

Michael Wiles has been working hard for the sake of his professional career, and as an actor, he has been honing his craft since he was a child. He enjoys being able to inspire and entertain others through his career, but he also understands that acting can be extremely challenging for some, especially when it comes to memorizing lines. Many actors have problems memorizing their lines, and there are a number of ways to overcome this problem. Here are some useful tips for actors looking to memorize their lines more easily.

The first thing you have to do when trying to memorize lines for a play is read the script. Read the script as much as possible before you even start rehearsing so that you can be more familiar with your character and the story. The more in tune you are with your character, the more easily you’ll be able to recall important lines. You’ll know the character, and then the lines will make sense with regards to the character’s personality.

Michael Wiles also explains that performing in front of others will also help you memorize your lines. It will get you thinking fast, and comfortable in front of people.


About Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles lives in Sacramento, California and works in the theatre production industry. He has worked for many years as both an actor and a musical director until he was recently able to take the position he desires most: casting director. As a casting director, he has the opportunity to bring in talent and choose the direction of a production like never before.
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