Michael Wiles – Common Mistakes When Learning How To Play an Instrument

Michael Wiles is a talented musician who is able to play both the piano and trombone. Learning to play an instrument is an ambition that many people have, though relatively few actually achieve the goal. This is often due to the mistakes they make while learning, of which the below are amongst the most common.

Michael Wiles

Lacking Patience

Only the most spectacular prodigies can pick up instruments and get to grips with them quickly. Most will need to spend time learning the basics and developing the muscle memory needed to play. Be patient and understand that your early work is creating a foundation.

Ignoring Theory

While you may have some natural talent for the instrument, it is important that you take a little bit of time to learn musical theory as well. Learn to recognize notes and chords on sheet music so you can quickly identify how pieces need to be played.

Not Practicing

Michael Wiles has spent years working on his musical abilities. Practice is crucial when learning how to play an instrument, so try to schedule some time into each day to hone your skills. Even a few minutes of practicing your fingering is better than doing nothing at all.



About Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles lives in Sacramento, California and works in the theatre production industry. He has worked for many years as both an actor and a musical director until he was recently able to take the position he desires most: casting director. As a casting director, he has the opportunity to bring in talent and choose the direction of a production like never before.
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